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Risk Factors and Side Effects

Risk Factors and Side Effects

Risk Factors and Side Effects

LASIK is a surgical procedure, and as with any procedure, there are some risks. The good news is the chance of a serious problem with LASIK procedure is very, very low. Some of the common things that patients may experience would be temporary increase in dry eye symptoms. Usually this gets better over a relatively short period of time, but there are some very unusual cases where increased dry eye does persist. Some patients may require a slight additional treatment. We call these enhancement procedures or retreatments. It's not very common anymore with with current lasers and treatment nomograms, but some patients may need a slight fine tuning of the outcome. For refractive cataract surgery patients who have selected the multifocal or extended range vision lenses, they do have a slightly higher incidence of seeing a special type of halo or ring pattern around lights. Driving at night headlights, taillights, streetlights can all precipitate these types of symptoms. The good news is, it is very uncommon for these halos or rings to bother a patient once they've passed through the recovery process.

Doctor Profile

Jonathan Davidorf, MD


  • Board Certified Ophthalmologist
  • Director of the Davidorf Eye Group in West Hills, CA
  • Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute

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