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Surgery Overview

Surgery Overview

Surgery Overview

In essence, LASIK is like sculpting a diamond. We're creating a pair of glasses in the patient's eye. We're allowing the changed curvature, the new shape of the patient's cornea to allow the light to focus better and allow patients to see without having to wear glasses and without having to wear contact lenses. It's commonly performed. The FDA estimates that over a half a million people every year undergo the procedure in the United States. So for patients who are tired of wearing their glasses, are tired of wearing the contact lenses, the contact lens solutions, the eyes are getting irritated or they simply just want to see without the need for visual aids, they may in fact be excellent candidates for the procedure. Most people who wear glasses or contact lenses are good candidates for LASIK.

Doctor Profile

Jonathan Davidorf, MD


  • Board Certified Ophthalmologist
  • Director of the Davidorf Eye Group in West Hills, CA
  • Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute

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